I wrote:
> But that doesn't really detract from my point, which is that it's
> totally silly for us to imagine that char and word-wide atomic ops are
> interchangeable on all platforms and we can flip a coin to decide which
> to use as long as the configure probes don't fail outright.  Even given
> working code for the byte case, we ought to prefer int atomics on PPC.
> On other platforms, maybe the preference goes the other way.  I'd be
> inclined to follow the hard-won knowledge embedded in s_lock.h about
> which to prefer.

After further study, I'm inclined to just propose that we flip the default
width of pg_atomic_flag in generic-gcc.h: use int not char if both are
available.  The only modern platform where that's the wrong thing is x86,
and that case is irrelevant here because we'll be using arch-x86.h not

A survey of s_lock.h shows that we prefer char-width slock_t only on
these architectures:

sparc (but not sparcv9, there we use int)

So basically, the existing coding is optimizing for obsolete hardware,
and not even very much of that.

                        regards, tom lane

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