2016-07-21 6:57 GMT+02:00 David Fetter <da...@fetter.org>:

> Folks,
> Please find attached a patch which makes it possible to disallow
> UPDATEs and DELETEs which lack a WHERE clause.  As this changes query
> behavior, I've made the new GUCs PGC_SUSET.
> What say?
> Thanks to Gurjeet Singh for the idea and Andrew Gierth for the tips
> implementing.
I am sending review of this patch

1. there are not any problem with patching, compiling, doc
2. the patch is simple, the documentation is good enough
3. all regress tests passed without problems

My questions:

1. is a data file really necessary? INSERT INTO test_require_where
VALUES('aaa') has same effect.

2. There is not documented a assert "Assert(query->jointree != NULL)"

It is valid, but should be documented why?



> Best,
> David.
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