> I started working on date/timestamp in ecpg. So far I can read date
> types from the DB and I can insert date into the DB. However there
> to be a bug in converting timestamp to ascii or vice versa.
> If anyone of you knows more about timestamp2tm etc. could you please
> have a look at function PGTYPEStimestamp_ttoa in
> Hmm, maybe the transformation in the other direction is the culprit.
> What I do is call ts1 = PGTYPEStimestamp_atot("2000-7-12 17:34:29",
NULL); followed by a text = PGTYPEStimestamp_ttoa
(ts1); Needless to say the resulting text is not "2000-7-12 17:34:29".
> Maybe some of you have an idea.
I am willing to have a look at the functions, but am failing in finding
directory pgtypeslib/ within $PGSQLD (version 7.3.2).

Regards, Christoph

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