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> On 2016/12/27 16:41, Etsuro Fujita wrote:
>> On 2016/12/22 1:04, Ashutosh Bapat wrote:
>>> 2. We should try to look for other not-so-cheap paths if the cheapest
>>> one is
>>> paramterized. You might want to use get_cheapest_path_for_pathkeys()
>>> to find a
>>> suitable unparameterized path by passing NULL for required_outer and
>>> NIL for
>>> pathkeys, that's a very strange usage, but I think it will serve the
>>> purpose.
>>> +    /* Give up if the cheapest-total-cost paths are parameterized. */
>>> +    if (!bms_is_empty(PATH_REQ_OUTER(outer_path)) ||
>>> +        !bms_is_empty(PATH_REQ_OUTER(inner_path)))
>>> +        return NULL;
>> I did that because I think that would work well for postgres_fdw, but I
>> agree with you.  Will revise.
> While working on this, I noticed that in that case
> get_cheapest_path_for_pathkeys() would return NULL because if the
> cheapest-total-cost path is parameterized, then there are no unparameterized
> paths in the rel's pathlist (see set_cheapest).

I guess, that happens when there are lateral references, and every
path for that relation in parameterized. Please correct me if I am
wrong. If that's true, we should be searching for minimum
parameterization for that relation instead of no parameterization.
IIUC the bit about outer relations in the following comment in

 *    We also remove from the rel's pathlist any old paths that are dominated
 *    by new_path --- that is, new_path is cheaper, at least as well ordered,
 *    generates no more rows, requires no outer rels not required by the old
 *    path, and is no less parallel-safe.

we do not discard an unparameterized path in favour of a cheaper
parameterized path. So, if the cheapest path is unparameterized one,
it's parameterized by minimum required outer relations.

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