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> On a first read-through of this patch -- I have not studied it in
> detail yet -- this looks pretty good to me.  One concern is that this
> patch adds a bit of code to XLogInsert(), which is a very hot piece of
> code.  Conceivably, that might produce a regression even when this is
> disabled; if so, we'd probably need to make it a build-time option.  I
> hope that's not necessary, because I think it would be great to
> compile this into the server by default, but we better make sure it's
> not a problem.  A bulk load into an existing table might be a good
> test case.
I've done some bulk load testing with 16,32,64 clients. I didn't
notice any regression
in the results.

> Aside from that, I think the biggest issue here is that the masking
> functions are virtually free of comments, whereas I think they should
> have extensive and detailed comments.  For example, in heap_mask, you
> have this:
> +            page_htup->t_infomask =
> For something like this, you could write "We want to ignore
> differences in hint bits, since they can be set by SetHintBits without
> emitting WAL.  Force them all to be set so that we don't notice
> discrepancies."  Actually, though, I think that you could be a bit
> HEAP_XMIN_FROZEN, so maybe what you should do is clear
> HEAP_XMAX_COMMITTED and HEAP_XMAX_INVALID but only clear the others if
> one is set but not both.
I've modified it as follows:
+                       if (!HeapTupleHeaderXminFrozen(page_htup))
+                               page_htup->t_infomask |= HEAP_XACT_MASK;
+                       else
+                               page_htup->t_infomask |=

> Anyway, leaving that aside, I think every single change that gets
> masked in every single masking routine needs a similar comment,
> explaining why that change can happen on the master without also
> happening on the standby and hopefully referring to the code that
> makes that unlogged change.
I've added comments for all the masking routines.

> I think wal_consistency_checking, as proposed by Peter, is better than
> wal_consistency_check, as implemented.
Modified to wal_consistency_checking.

> Having StartupXLOG() call pfree() on the masking buffers is a waste of
> code.  The process is going to exit anyway.
> +                 "Inconsistent page found, rel %u/%u/%u, forknum %u, blkno 
> %u",

> Primary error messages aren't capitalized.
> +        if (!XLogRecGetBlockTag(record, block_id, &rnode, &forknum, &blkno))
> +        {
> +            /* Caller specified a bogus block_id. Do nothing. */
> +            continue;
> +        }
> Why would the caller do something so dastardly?
Modified to following comment:
+                       /*
+                        * WAL record doesn't contain a block reference
+                        * with the given id. Do nothing.
+                        */

I've attached the patch with the modified changes. PFA.

Thanks & Regards,
Kuntal Ghosh
EnterpriseDB: http://www.enterprisedb.com

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