Hi Ashutosh,

On 01/05/2017 07:13 AM, Ashutosh Sharma wrote:
* Readded pageinspect--1.6.sql

In order to have the latest pageinspect interface in 1 file, as we need
something to install from.

I think there should be no problem even if we simply add
pageinspect--1.5--1.6.sql file instead of removing 1.5.sql as with the
latest changes to the create extension infrastructure in postgresql it
automatically finds a lower version script if unable to find the
default version script and then upgrade it to the latest version.

Removing --1.5.sql otherwise would give

test=# CREATE EXTENSION "pageinspect";
ERROR:  extension "pageinspect" has no installation script nor update path
for version "1.6"

I didn't get this. Do you mean to say that if you add 1.6.sql and do
not remove 1.5.sql you get this error when trying to add pageinspect
module. I didn't
get any such error. See below,

postgres=# create extension pageinspect WITH VERSION '1.6';

The previous patch was using pageinspect--1.5.sql as a base, and then uses pageinspect--1.5-1.6.sql to upgrade to version 1.6.

Removing pageinspect--1.5.sql, and adding pageinspect--1.6.sql with the current interface will use pageinspect--1.6.sql directly where as existing installations will use the upgrade scripts.

Hence I don't see a reason why we should keep pageinspect--1.5.sql around when we can provide a clear interface description in a pageinspect--1.6.sql.

Peter has already written a test-case-[1] based on your earlier patch
for supporting hash index with pageinspect module. Once the latest
patch (v10) becomes stable i will share a separete patch having a
test-case for hash index. Infact I will try to modify an already
existing patch by Peter.

Ok, sounds good.

Best regards,

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