Vitaly Burovoy <> writes:
> On 1/5/17, Tom Lane <> wrote:
>> We could think about replacing interval2tm's output format with some
>> other struct that uses a TimeOffset for hours and so cannot overflow.
>> I'm not sure though how far the effects would propagate; it might be
>> more work than we want to put into this.

> If values with overflow are already in a database, what do you expect
> a new output function should fix?

My point is that ideally, any value that can physically fit into struct
Interval ought to be considered valid.  The fact that interval_out can't
cope is a bug in interval_out, which ideally we would fix without
artificially restricting the range of the datatype.

Now, the problem with that of course is that it's not only interval_out
but multiple other places.  But your proposed patch also requires touching
nearly everything interval-related, so I'm not sure it has any advantage
that way over the less restrictive answer.

                        regards, tom lane

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