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> In the Microsoft documentation I've seen, the privilege's name is always
> written as "Lock Pages in Memory" (note: "Pages" plural, and with initial
> capital letters).  It's quite hard to parse the sentence otherwise!  How
> about this?
>          Huge pages are known as large pages on Windows.  To use them, you
> need to
>          assign the user right Lock Pages in Memory to the Windows user
> account
>          that runs <productname>PostgreSQL</productname>.
> + ereport(elevel,
> + (errmsg("could not enable Lock pages in memory user right: error
> code %lu", GetLastError()),
> + errdetail("Failed system call was OpenProcessToken.")));
> Same comment about capitalisation of the privilege name in this and other
> error messages.

Thanks, your sentences are surely better.  Fixed.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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