>From what I can see the sequence name is not changed when you rename a

test=# alter table fooseq rename to fooseq1;
test=# \d fooseq1
                          Table "public.fooseq1"
 Column |  Type   |                       Modifiers
 id     | integer | not null default

so everything should work as expected.


On Fri, 2003-03-21 at 09:38, Anand B Kumar wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> We are working on Postgresql for one of our on going project.  We have
> come across a situation as mentioned below.
> 1. We have to create a table with sequence dynamically from the front
> end ( through a JSP code)
> 2. An option for the user is given to change the name of the table in
> the front end.  During this process, we change the name of the table
> and its relative sequence too.  But the table which was first created
> with a sequence has its property written in its property field.  Now
> if we change that property in that field, will the sequence gets
> disturbed??
> For say, I create a table 'addrtech'  which has two fields, empid and
> empname
> 2. The emp id has a sequence created dynamically. so a sequence
> name   addrtech_empid_seq  is created.
> 3. The field empid  in addrtech has in its DEFAULT column as
> " nextval('"addrtech_empid_seq"'::text) "
> 4. Now I rename addrtech to addrtechnology
> 5.  So the table is altered
> 6. The sequence is also altered as addrtechnology_empid_seq and the
> new table is addrtechnology 
> But the doubt now is the field which has the sequence i.e the empid
> which has nextval('"addrtech_empid_seq"'::text) .  The property if
> changed to  nextval('"addrtechnology_empid_seq"'::text) will the
> seqeunce remain the same.  Meaning if it had some few million records
> in the orginial table addrtech and if additional data is entere to
> addrtechnology will the sequence continue.
> Please clarify this query of mine at the earliest so that we can
> incorporate the same in our codes
> Your early reply is solicitated
> regards
> Andy
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