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> <Argh, wrong sender again, sorry [again] for the repost.
>  I must tweak my mail client configuration...>
> >>>Good. So we seem to agree that GUCS are transactional?
> >
> >I'm surprised, I never knew this.
> I must admit that it was also a (good) surprise for me.
> The documentation says it:
> """
> If SET (or equivalently SET SESSION) is issued within a transaction that is
> later aborted, the effects of the SET command disappear when the transaction
> is rolled back. Once the surrounding transaction is committed, the effects
> will persist until the end of the session, unless overridden by another SET.
> """
> But I have not found anything clear about user-defined parameters.

Uh, I think it is a missing feature, i.e.:

        Have custom variables be transaction-safe 


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