I got server crash due to assert failure at ATTACHing overlap rang
partition, here is test case to reproduce this:

CREATE TABLE test_parent(a int) PARTITION BY RANGE (a);
CREATE TABLE test_parent_part2 PARTITION OF test_parent FOR VALUES
FROM(100) TO(200);
CREATE TABLE test_parent_part1(a int NOT NULL);
ALTER TABLE test_parent ATTACH PARTITION test_parent_part1 FOR VALUES
FROM(1) TO(200);

I think, this bug exists in the following code of check_new_partition_bound():

 767                         if (equal || off1 != off2)
 768                         {
 769                             overlap = true;
 770                             with = boundinfo->indexes[off2 + 1];
 771                         }

When equal is true array index should not be 'off2 + 1'.

While reading code related to this, I wondered why
partition_bound_bsearch is not immediately returns when cmpval==0?

Apologise if this has been already reported.


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