> The patch itself is really straight forward (I'm new to sending patches, so
> I've chosen a simple one), and there is only one thing that concerns me (as
> in, if I did it right/good). The difference in syntax for SCHEMAS and the
> other objects is that IN SCHEMA option makes no sense here (as we don't have
> nested schemas), and to solve that I simple added the error "cannot use IN
> SCHEMA clause when using GRANT/REVOKE ON SCHEMAS".
> Does that look good to you?

To me, It looks fine.

> Also, should I add translations for that error message in other languages (I
> can do that without help of tools for pt_BR) or is that a latter process in
> the releasing?

I think you should add it but i am not sure when it is done.

> Other than that, I added a few regression tests (similar to others used for
> ADP), and patched the documentation (my English is not that good, so I'm
> open to suggestions). Anything else I forgot?

You have forgot to change the description section of "ADP". In the
description section you need to mention that privileges for schemas
too can be altered along with other database objects. Other than that,
I feel the patch looks good and has no bug.

With Regards,
Ashutosh Sharma.
EnterpriseDB: http://www.enterprisedb.com

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