Jim Nasby <jim.na...@bluetreble.com> writes:
> On 1/8/17 11:25 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
>> But I don't understand
>> how you got the sample output shown in the patch.  Is this based
>> on some unsubmitted changes in pltcl's error handling?

> Maybe it's a version difference?
> echo 'puts [info patchlevel];exit 0' | tclsh
> 8.6.6

Mmm, yeah, I'm on 8.5.13.  Evidently what we're looking at here is a
change in what Tcl puts into $::errorCode for this error.  That being
the case, we can't use $::errorCode for the regression test output, or
it'll fail depending on Tcl version.  I changed it to just return "$err",
ie the basic error message.  It might turn out that that's
version-dependent too, but the buildfarm should tell us.

Pushed with that and some other, mostly-cosmetic changes.

                        regards, tom lane

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