On 1/9/17 5:12 PM, Merlin Moncure wrote:
Agreed: If you want to break compatibility, pushing a new language is
the better way than GUC.   If you got consensus on this, having both
languages side by side supported for a while (maybe 4-5 releases) is
they way to go, and finally the only language is frozen and moved to
extension.  But this is a lot of work and aggravation, are you *sure*
you can only get what you want with a full compatibility break?

FWIW, that work and aggravation part is what I hoped to avoid with GUCs.

I do think that whichever route we go, we're going to be stuck supporting the old version for a LONG time. A big part of why standard_conforming_strings was so ugly is users didn't have enough time to adjust. If we'd had that enabled by default for 4-5 releases it wouldn't have been nearly as much of an issue.
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