On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 14:37, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Interesting idea.  The bigger problem is that apps who use the sequence
> name also would have problems running after the restore.  Seems we need
> column.nextval() so you can increment the sequence without knowing the
> sequence name, just the column name.  Of course, this related to this
> TODO item:
>       * Have sequence dependency track use of DEFAULT sequences,
>         seqname.nextval

200N spec proposes 'NEXT VALUE FOR <sequence>'.

Tom will shoot me if I submit that though (VALUE as a keyword again).  I
suppose one could make it a variable, and confirm it's value is VALUE?

Other than that it should be a fairly simple task.

Anyway, once again we could extend to include:

NEXT VALUE ON table(column)?

An application that was simply interested in the next value of a table
column could simply evaluate the default value -- which should be easily
retrievable and more portable in most interfaces (jdbc, odbc, etc.).


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