Dear PostgreSQL hackers,
I am developing a disk IO scheduler for Linux and am aiming to
have it included in the stable 2.6 release. Due to its design,
performance regressions do appear, and are often more specific
to the workload in question than with other schedulers, hence
one has to go beyond the generic benchmarks.

Databases are one area of difficulty due to multi threaded IO
and sync writes.

I would appreciate it if you could give me a suggestion
for a not-too-difficult to set up or interpret PostgreSQL
benchmark with a reasonable running time (< an hour or so)
which I can add to my performance regression tests.

It would be good if this were to separately measure most
common types of PostgreSQL IO work, and from there I would
leave specific areas to those interested.

I apologise for asking when I could search, however I am
interested in something up to date and which developers on
this can agree on.

Thank you all for your time.
Best regards,
Nick Piggin

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