Tom Lane wrote:

> AFAICS, what Ryan is after would be better served by a separate tool that
> would produce a "diff" of the two tables' schemas.  Even if we were
> willing to overload this error message with everything we know about the
> parent column, do you really want to fix discrepancies one column at a
> time?  And what about properties that can't be uniquely associated with a
> single column, such as constraints covering multiple columns?
> Also, I have a feeling that a suitable tool is already out there.  A
> moment's digging in the list archives found this thread with links to
> several candidates:
> and I'm pretty sure there have been other such discussions.

I remember looking some time ago, and most of all the possible
candidates were either abandoned or terribly cumbersome to use.  I ran
across Euler Taveira in a conference sometime later and he told me he
had the idea of working on writing such a tool.  I was pleased to see
his announcement recently:
I admit I have not looked at his code, but he had some very good ideas
for the complex cases.  I think it's worth checking out what he has

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