scott.marlowe wrote:
On Sun, 23 Mar 2003, Kevin Brown wrote:
Use "split" and "merge".  Avoids the "join" issue and avoids the
"implode/explode" issue too.  :-)

Isn't merge a new SQL keyword in SQL99 or SQL03?

Yup, in SQL200x at least: 14.9 <merge statement> Function Conditionally update rows of a table, or insert new rows into a table, or both. Format <merge statement> ::= MERGE INTO <target table> [ [ AS ] <merge correlation name> ] USING <table reference> ON <search condition> <merge operation specification>

At the risk of stirring up a debate again, my latest thoughts were to define the two functions as:

  str_to_array(str TEXT, delim TEXT) returns TEXT[]
  array_to_str(array ANYARRAY, delim TEXT) returns TEXT


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