On Sun, Dec 18, 2016 at 1:27 AM, Dmitry Dolgov <9erthali...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Speaking about implementation of `jsonb_delete_array` - it's fine, but I
> would like to suggest two modifications:
> * create a separate helper function for jsonb delete operation, to use it in
> both `jsonb_delete` and `jsonb_delete_array`. It will help to concentrate
> related logic in one place.

I am not sure that it is much a win as the code loses readability for
a minimal refactoring. What would have been nice is to group as well
jsonb_delete_idx but handling of the element deletion is really
different there.

> * use variadic arguments for `jsonb_delete_array`. For rare cases, when
> someone decides to use this function directly instead of corresponding
> operator. It will be more consistent with `jsonb_delete` from my point of
> view, because it's transition from `jsonb_delete(data, 'key')` to
> `jsonb_delete(data, 'key1', 'key2')` is more smooth, than to
> `jsonb_delete(data, '{key1, key2}')`.

That's a good idea.

> I've attached a patch with these modifications. What do you think?

Looking at both patches proposed, documentation is still missing in
the list of jsonb operators as '-' is missing for arrays. I am marking
this patch as waiting on author for now.

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