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>> 7. I think it is not your bug, but probably a bug in Hash index
>> itself; page flag is set to 66 (for below test); So the page is both
>> LH_BUCKET_PAGE and LH_BITMAP_PAGE. Is not this a bug in hash index?
>> I have inserted 3000 records. Hash index is on integer column.
>> select hasho_flag FROM hash_page_stats(get_raw_page('i1', 1));
>>  hasho_flag
>> ------------
>>          66
> Here is the test for same. After insertion of 3000 records, I think at
> first split we can see bucket page flag is set with LH_BITMAP_PAGE.

I think your calculation is not right.  66 indicates LH_BUCKET_PAGE |
LH_BUCKET_NEEDS_SPLIT_CLEANUP which is a valid state after the split.
This flag will be cleared either during next split or when vacuum
operates on that index page.

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