Ok Bruce,

I found out what's happening.
I'm running a Suse 8.1 2.4.19 standard kernel which has IPV6 enabled by default. When connecting locally over IP (pgaccess), hba is checked against IPV6 patterns in pg_hba.conf.
My pgadmin2 machine will connect with an IP4-to-6 mapped address of 0:ffff:c0a80002 (, which convSockAddr6to4 will convert to dst->in.sin_addr.s_addr=0xc0a80002. On the other side, SockAddr_pton will convert my entry to a8c0/ffffff, and consequently rangeSockAddr will fail.

If your kernel isn't V6 enabled, the incoming socket will be AF_INET, and no conversion is done, that's why you don't get the problem.
To fix this, the [12]..[15] indices need to be reversed (for Intel). This might be machine specific... Maybe for all big-endian machines the current code is ok, and needs reversal for little-endian processors.
I wonder if the following is completely portable, could be:
dst->in.sin_addr.s_addr = *(in_addr_t*)(src->in4.sin6_addr.s6_addr+12);


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Bruce Momjian wrote:

That's strange.  I just tested it here, and it worked.  I have IPv6 code
enabled. but no IPv6 in my kernel, so there are just IPv4 connections.

Can you peek in this funciton and see where it is failing:

rangeSockAddrAF_INET(const SockAddr *addr, const SockAddr *netaddr,
const SockAddr *netmask)
if (addr->sa.sa_family != AF_INET ||
netaddr->sa.sa_family != AF_INET ||
netmask->sa.sa_family != AF_INET)
return 0;
if (((addr->in.sin_addr.s_addr ^ netaddr->in.sin_addr.s_addr) &
netmask->in.sin_addr.s_addr) == 0)
return 1;
return 0;

That is the IPv4 function.

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