* Tom Lane ( wrote:
> Stephen Frost <> writes:
> > * Tom Lane ( wrote:
> >> Here's an updated version of the RLS planning patch that gets rid of
> >> the incorrect interaction with Query.hasRowSecurity and adjusts
> >> terminology as agreed.
> > I've spent a fair bit of time going over this change to understand it,
> > how it works, and how it changes the way RLS and securiy barrier views
> > work.
> Thanks for the review.  Attached is an updated patch that I believe
> addresses all of the review comments so far.  The code is unchanged from
> v2, but I improved the README, some comments, and the regression tests.

I've reviewed your updates and they answer all of my comments and I
appreciate the EC regression tests you added.

I also agree with Dean's down-thread suggested regression test change.



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