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> Given
> https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/20170116210019.
> a3glfwspg5lnf...@alap3.anarazel.de
> which is going to heavily change how the executor works in this area, I
> am returning this patch to you again.  I would like a few rather minor
> changes:
> 1. to_xmlstr can be replaced with calls to xmlCharStrdup.
> 2. don't need xml_xmlnodetostr either -- just use xml_xmlnodetoxmltype
>    (which returns text*) and extract the cstring from the varlena.  It's
>    a bit more wasteful in terms of cycles, but I don't think we care.
>    If we do care, change the function so that it returns cstring, and
>    have the callers that want text wrap it in cstring_to_text.
> 3. have a new perValueCxt memcxt in TableExprState, child of buildercxt,
>    and switch to it just before GetValue() (reset it just before
>    switching).  Then, don't worry about leaks in GetValue.  This way,
>    the text* conversions et al don't matter.
> After that I think we're going to need to get this working on top of
> Andres' changes.  Which I'm afraid is going to be rather major surgery,
> but I haven't looked.

I'll try to clean xml part first, and then I can reflect the SRF changes. I
am not sure if I understand to all your proposed changes here, I have to
look there.



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