I'd suggest you to start from contrib/rtree_gist. Hacking main source
tree isn't easy task.

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, Anton V. Kozub wrote:

> Good day all.
> My name is Anton Kozub.
> I'm student 5 course of Saint-Petersburg State University, faculty
> mathematics and mechanics, system programming department.
> My science work join with indexing structure R-tree. I have learned many
> papers about R-tree and want realize my ideas, linked(toched) with
> optimizing R-tree, in Your system(PostGreSQL).
> I need Your help for realize my ideas and plans.
> More information about my work i would like to tell to my helper in private
> mail.
> Please mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] if you want to help me or want to know
> anything about me and my science work.
> Thanks,
> Anton.
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