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 IMHO nobody use it -- maybe we can keep it in sources for 7.4 and
 mark it in docs as deprecated and remove it in 7.5.

This seems to be consistent with my informal survey on PGSQL-SQL and on # postgresql. Nobody seems to be using the current behavior.

 The date/time and numbers formatting share parser only. The current
 to_char(interval) is 20 lines of code only.

I'm not surprised.

 I want to write new library "libformattig", because I need to_char()
 features and some new extensions in the others projects -- it means
 in 7.5 will new to_char() code. The current code works without bugs,
 but it is not ideal code.

Please call on me if you want any additional help formulating a specification. While I am not in any position to help with the code, I do use INTERVAL, TIMESTAMP, TIME and DATE heavily and have strong opinions about usability.

I had a need that should(!) be in the archives. Just to reiterate my need:

I input a contract length, in months, and wanted to get it back out as months. There is no current way to do this, so I store it as an INT and concatenate the word months to do the
date arithmetic.

Thanks all for the input, I suspect I will leave the coding to someone like Karel that knows the backend better than I do, and also is a better coder than I am.


Josh Berkus
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