On 1/18/17 3:47 PM, Robert Haas wrote:
> Anybody who has got a script that runs pg_ctl unattended mode likely
> now has to go update that script to add --no-wait.

The state of init scripts and other start scripts out there is such a
mess, it's hard to make general statements like this.  Many start
scripts still start the postmaster directly and have confusing or
outdated advice about whether or not to use pg_ctl.  Some implement
their own waiting logic after starting.  Some just ignore the issue and
do wrong or inconsistent things.

With this change, together with the systemd support that is already out
there with 9.6, and with the new promote wait support, we'll at least
have a consistent approach going forward and have a better shot at
sorting out the current mess.

Someone who really wants the old behavior can add the command-line
option in a backward-compatible way.

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