* Magnus Hagander (mag...@hagander.net) wrote:
> Is it time to enable checksums by default, and give initdb a switch to turn
> it off instead?

Yes, please.

We've already agreed to make changes to have a better user experience
and ask those who really care about certain performance aspects to have
to configure for performance instead (see: wal_level changes), I view
this as being very much in that same vein.

I know one argument in the past has been that we don't have a tool that
can be used to check all of the checksums, but that's also changed now
that pgBackRest supports verifying checksums during backups.  I'm all
for adding a tool to core to perform a validation too, of course, though
it does make a lot of sense to validate checksums during backup since
you're reading all the pages anyway.



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