I found it, well not really that is. It seems the problem is triggered
by some gcc optimization. I'm using gcc 3.2.3. If I specify -O2 it does
not work correctly, without optimization it does. Now the big question
is which optimization is causing trouble. 

It certainly is not -ffast-math as I do include the corresponding error
message which is not triggered. Unfortunately I cannot install the
complete 7.4 CVS version right now to see if the timestamp code in the
backend compiles correctly.

So here's the question comojng out of this all, anyone out here with an
idea why the timestamp "Wed Jul 12 17:34:29 2000" becomes "Wed Jul 12
4649:34:26.000002 2000" when putting it into timestamp format and back
out. The function is almost identical to timestamp_in resp.
timestamp_out. If these two functions and their helpers are compield
without "-O2" the output is correct.


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