On 1/21/17 12:50 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
> I have to question the decision to make "no locales" a hard error.
> What's the point of that?  In fact, should we even be bothering with
> a warning, considering how often initdb runs unattended these days?

Hmm, it was a warning in initdb, so making it an error now is probably a
mistake.  We should change it back to a warning at least.

The reason for the warning originally was to have some output in case
the whole collation initialization fails altogether and does nothing.
For example, at the time, we didn't know how reliable and portable
`locale -a` actually was.  Maybe this didn't actually turn out to be a

Also, if we add ICU initialization to this, then it's not clear how we
would report if one provider provided zero locales but another did
provide some.

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