On 1/22/17 5:13 AM, Magnus Hagander wrote:
If the system is interrupted before the background worker is done, it
starts over from the beginning. Previously touched blocks will be read
and verified, but not written (because their checksum is already
correct). This will take time, but not re-generate the WAL.

Another option would be to store a watermark of the largest block ID that had been verified for each relation/fork. That would be used to determine if checksums could be trusted, and more usefully would allow you to start where you left off if the verification process got interrupted.

I think the actual functions and background worker could go in an
extension that's installed and loaded only by those who need it. But the
core functionality of being able to have "checksum in progress" would
have to be in the core codebase.

If it was in contrib I think that'd be fine.
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