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> Is it time to enable checksums by default, and give initdb a switch to turn
> it off instead?
> I keep running into situations where people haven't enabled it, because
> (a) they didn't know about it, or (b) their packaging system ran initdb
> for them so they didn't even know they could. And of course they usually
> figure this out once the db has enough data and traffic that the only way
> to fix it is to set up something like slony/bucardo/pglogical and a whole
> new server to deal with it.. (Which is something that would also be good
> to fix -- but having the default changed would be useful as well)

I was wondering why the community had decided to turn it off by default.  IIRC, 
the reason was that the performance overhead was 20-30% when the entire data 
directory was placed on the tmpfs, but it's not as important as the data 
protection by default.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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