On Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 4:02 PM, Michael Paquier
<michael.paqu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Here are now the current stats of the patches:
> - Needs review: 82.
> - Waiting on Author: 18.
> - Ready for Committer: 18.
> Meaning that some effort is required from committers and reviewers to
> get into a better balance. For the authors of the patches waiting for
> their input, please avoid letting your patch in a latent state for too
> long.
> And of course, please double-check that the status of your patch on
> the CF app (https://commitfest.postgresql.org/12/) is set according to
> the status of the thread.
> Let's have a productive CF for Postgres 10! And the show begins..
> Thanks.

There is one week left for this commit fest, and now is the time to
push for things that have a chance to get in. As of now, there is a
total of 25 patches waiting for some love from a committer.

In the category of Bug Fixes, there are the following things that
deserve attention:
- pgwin32_is_service not checking if SECURITY_SERVICE_SID is disabled,
Windows-only patch, and a bug fix.
- Cascading standby cannot catch up and get stuck emitting the same
message repeatedly, a 9.3-only bug fix.
- Potential data loss of 2PC files, a bug fix to address the fact that
pg_twophase is never fsync()'d.
All those patches apply on multiple branches.

In the category of Clients, there are some as well:
- pgbench - more operators and functions.
- pgpassfile connection option.
- pg_dump, pg_dumpall and data durability.

Now for Miscellaneous:
- slab-like memory allocators for reorderbuffer
- Rename pg_switch_xlog to pg_switch_wal, the name is misleading here
as this is basically renaming all the system functions including the
term "xlog" prefix to "wal".
- Add GUCs for predicate lock promotion thresholds

For Monitoring & Control:
- amcheck (B-Tree integrity checking tool). This patch is in such a
state for a rather long time...

For Performance:
- Group mode for CLOG updates.
- Vacuum: allow usage of more than 1GB of work mem.
- Parallel Index Scans.
- Unique Joins

For Replication & Recovery:
- Write Ahead Logging for Hash Indexes.
- WAL consistency check facility
- Reset slot xmin when HS feedback is turned off while standby is shut down

For server features:
- Forbid use of LF and CR characters in database and role names.
- XMLTABLE function
- background sessions
- pg_background contrib module proposal
- A contrib extension to help prevent common errors in DML
- Add pg_current_logfile() function to obtain the current log file
used by the syslogger.
- pg_xlogdump follow into the future when specifying filename. Magnus,
are you going to take care of that?

As of the current score of the CF, for a total of 155 patches, 52 have
been committed, 3 rejected and 7 marked as returned with feedback. It
may look low, but actually it is not that bad by experience looking at
those numbers.

There is also a very high number of patches waiting for input from the
author, so please be sure to update your patch status correctly, or
send a new version to address the comments from reviewers.

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