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> [...] Obviously the \if stuff is things we don't have yet either, but it
>>> seems less likely to have surprising side-effects.
> I agree, a more generic solution seems better than an ad-hoc one.
> Currently the value of a non existing psql-variable is... its own
> reference:-(
>   psql> \echo :x
>   > :x
> I'm not sure of the rational, apart from the probable lexer implementation
> point of view. Maybe an empty string or 0 or some configurable value would
> provide better alternative.

‚ÄčThe fundamental problem is that:

SELECT 'testing' AS ":tablename"

is perfectly valid SQL code.  psql, by design, attempts to resolve all
strings of the form <:['"]?\w> in a purely textual manner.

David J.

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