On 1/9/17 3:45 PM, Peter Geoghegan wrote:
> * I think it's worth looking into ucol_nextSortKeyPart(), and using
> that as an alternative to ucol_getSortKey(). It doesn't seem any
> harder, and when I tested it it was clearly faster. (I think that
> ucol_nextSortKeyPart() is more or less intended to be used for
> abbreviated keys.)

I will try to look into that.

> * I think that it's not okay that convert_string_datum() still uses
> strxfrm() without considering if it's an ICU build. That's why I
> raised the idea of a pg_strxfrm() wrapper at one point.

That code works in a locale-agnostic way now, which might be
questionable, but it's not the fault of this patch, I think.

> * Similarly, I think that check_strxfrm_bug() should have something
> about ICU. It's looking for a particular bug in some very old version
> of Solaris 8. At a minimum, check_strxfrm_bug() should now not run at
> all (a broken OS strxfrm() shouldn't be a problem with ICU).

But we'll still be using strxfrm for the database default locale, so we
need to keep that check.

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