Nikita Glukhov <> writes:
> On 22.01.2017 21:58, Tom Lane wrote:
>> If you want such macros I think it would be better to submit a separate
>> cosmetic patch that tries to hide such bit-tests behind macros throughout
>> the jsonb code.

> I've attached that patch, but not all the bit-tests were hidden: some of them
> in jsonb_util.c still remain valid after upcoming refactoring because they
> don't belong to generic code (there might be better to use JBC_XXX() macros).

Pushed this; grepping found a couple other places that could be replaced
by the macros, so I did.

I didn't include the JsonContainerIsEmpty macro, though.  It wasn't used
anywhere, and I'm not exactly convinced that "IsEmpty" is more readable
than "Size == 0", anyhow.  We can add it later if the use-case gets

> Sorry for this obvious mistake.  But macros JB_ROOT_IS_XXX() also contain the
> same hazard.

Good point, fixed.

I'll look at the rest of this in a bit.

                        regards, tom lane

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