* Robert Haas ( wrote:
> The use case I have in mind is
> a monitoring tool that needs access to one more of those functions --
> in keeping with the principle of least privilege, it's much better to
> give the monitoring user only the privileges which it actually needs
> than to make it a superuser.

That isn't what you're doing with those functions though, you're giving
the monitoring tool superuser-level rights but trying to pretend like
you're not.

That's not really how good security works.

I am entirely in agreement with providing a way to give monitoring tools
more information, but that should be done through proper design and
consideration of just what info they actually need (as well as what a
useful format for it is).

On my plate for a long time has been to add a function to return how
much WAL is remaining in pg_wal for a monitoring system to be able to
report on.  That could be done with something like pg_ls_dir, but that's
a rather hokey way to get it, and it'd be a lot nicer to just have a
function which returns it, or maybe one that returns the oldest WAL
position available on the system and what the current position is, which
I think we might actually have.

In other words, please actually outline a use-case, and let's design a
proper solution.



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