On 1/23/17 11:38 PM, Pavel Stehule wrote:

    Instead of paralleling all the existing namespace stuff, I wonder if
    it'd be better to create explicit block infrastructure. AFAIK
    PRAGMAs are going to have a lot of the same requirements (certainly
    the nesting is the same), and we might want more of this king of
    stuff in the future. (I've certainly wished I could set a GUC in a
    plpgsql block and have it's settings revert when exiting the block...)

I am not sure if I understand. ?? Setting GUC by PRAGMA can work - the
syntax supports it and GUC API supports nesting. Not sure about
exception handling - but it should not be problem probably.

Please, can you show some examples.

From a code standpoint, there's already some ugliness around blocks: there's the code that handles blocks themselves (which IIRC is responsible for subtransactions), then there's the namespace code, which is very separate even though namespaces are very much tied to blocks. Your patch is adding another layer into the mix, separate from both blocks and namespaces. I think it would be better to combine all 3 together, or at least not make matters worse. So IMHO the pragma stuff should be part of handling blocks, and not something that's stand alone. IE: make the pragma info live in PLpgSQL_stmt_block.

GUCs support SET LOCAL, but that's not the same as local scoping because the setting stays in effect unless the substrans aborts. What I'd like is the ability to set a GUC in a plpgsql block *and have the setting revert on block exit*.
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