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>> Yes, that’s also possible but seems to be less flexible restricting us
to some
>> specific GID format.
>> Anyway, I can measure WAL space overhead introduced by the GID’s inside
commit records
>> to know exactly what will be the cost of such approach.
> I think the approach of storing just the xid and fetching the GID
> during logical decoding of the PREPARE TRANSACTION is probably the
> best way forward, per my prior mail.

I don’t think that’s possible in this way. If we will not put GID in commit
record, than by the time when logical decoding will happened transaction
will be already committed/aborted and there will
be no easy way to get that GID.

My thinking is that if the 2PC xact is by that point COMMIT PREPARED or
ROLLBACK PREPARED we don't care that it was ever 2pc and should just decode
it as a normal xact. Its gid has ceased to be significant and no longer
holds meaning since the xact is resolved.

The point of logical decoding of 2pc is to allow peers to participate in a
decision on whether to commit or not. Rather than only being able to decode
the xact once committed as is currently the case.

If it's already committed there's no point treating it as anything special.

So when we get to the prepare transaction in xlog we look to see if it's
already committed / rolled back. If so we proceed normally like current
decoding does. Only if it's still prepared do we decode it as 2pc and
supply the gid to a new output plugin callback for prepared xacts.

I thought about several possibilities:

* Tracking xid/gid map in memory also doesn’t help much — if server reboots
between prepare
and commit we’ll lose that mapping.

Er what? That's why I suggested using the prepared xacts shmem state. It's
persistent as you know from your work on prepared transaction files. It has
all the required info.

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