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> 1. Rename nothing
> 2. Rename directory only
> 3. Rename everything

3 or 1 (with a slight preference for 3).

Not sure if my vote counts, but for me as ex-DBA consistency mattered *a
This is one of the reasons PostgreSQL is actually nicer to work with than
many other databases. I remember 'wal' vs 'xlog' was actually one of a very
few confusing things. I think it is important to stick to just one term,
whether it be wal or xlog. I'd prefer wal since it's a term used in many
other systems. 'xlog' may be confused with likes of binary log in MySQL
which is not what it is.

Now, I've rebased my patches to rename functions (with and without aliases)
on top of current master, but there's probably no point of posting them now
given there are patches above that rename other things as well.

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