On 1/30/17 12:42 AM, Michael Paquier wrote:
> Sure. Thanks for looking into that and getting a patch out. Oh, I have
> just noticed that sequence_1.out has been removed by 9c18104c. That's
> nice.

> Looking at the patch adding some new tests, the coverage really
> increases (I did not run make coverage to be honest, but that's
> clearly an improvement).
> Another test that could be added is about nextval() and setval() that
> only work for temporary sequences in a read-only transaction:
> create sequence foo;
> create temp sequence footemp;
> begin read only;
> select nextval('footemp'); -- ok
> select nextval('foo'); -- error
> rollback;
> begin read only;
> select setval('footemp', 1); -- ok
> select setval('foo', 1); -- error
> rollback
> But it is a bit funky I agree.

Looks useful to me.  I have committed the tests with your addition.

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