Tom wrote:
>I find it really really hard to believe that it's wise to run with
>sort_mem exceeding 2 gig ;-).  Does that installation have so much
>RAM that it can afford to run multiple many-Gb sorts concurrently?

I don't do 2 gig... but I found 0.3 gig helped on a not-too-large system.

In a nightly load of a datawarehousing application I have
a number of places where I do:

  set sort_mem=300000;
  create table new_whatevers as select distinct whatever from import_table;
  set sort_mem=10000;


  set sort_mem=100000;
  select count(*),b from a group by b;
  set sort_mem=10000;

when the optimizer likes hash aggregates.

It significantly (8 hours -> 6 hours) reduces the nightly processing
of my log-file analysis database.  If my modest system benefited
from 1/3 gig, it wouldn't surprise me if a large system benefits
from 2 gig.

If more info's useful, I'd be happy to provide some.


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