From: Ashutosh Bapat [] 
> Per the documentation [1], "PQgetResult must be called repeatedly
> until it returns a null pointer, indicating that the command is
> done.". The code in PQgetResult() under CONNECTION_CHECK_WRITABLE
> case, violates that. The patch fixes it. The patch however jumps to
> keep_going without changing conn->status, which means that it will end
> up again in the same case. While that's fine, may be we should use a
> local loop on PQgetResult() to keep the code readable.
Thank you for reviewing the patch. 
I created it with reference to pqSetenvPoll() in 
but I certainly thought that readability is not good. 
I updated the patch, so I will add this to the next commitfest. 

Daisuke, Higuchi

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