From: Ashutosh Bapat [] 
>Sorry, attached wrong patch. Here's the right one.
> The code expects that there will be two PQgetResult() calls required.
> One to fetch the result of SHOW command and the other to extract NULL.
> If we require more calls or unexpected results, we should throw and
> error. The patch just checks the first result and consumes the
> remaining without verifying them. Also, it looks like we can not clear
> result of PQgetResult() before using the values or copying them
> somewhere else [1]. Here's updated patch which tries to do that. 
> Please let me know if this looks good to you.
Oh, I had a basic misunderstanding. Thank you for correct me. 
There is no problem in the patch you attached. I agree with you. 

Daisuke, Higuchi

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