The developer meeting in Brussels ran out of topics :), so we have spent
some time going through the patches on the upcoming CF. We did manage to
assign a couple of patches to people (and we also discussed but didn't
actually assign all the patches that Robert has his hands in :P).

And we found one patch that was already committed but not flagged as such :)

We did not really have quorum to make any hard decisions about patches, so
we didn't do that.

However, we did come up with a list of patches that this group things we
should push back to PostgreSQL 11 at this point, in order to make it easier
to focus on the remaining ones for PostgreSQL 10 and not end up with too
many things that are half-finished. This was based on the general feeling
of the people here who had seen it, as well as when the patches were

Our suggestion is we push the following patches back. We haven't done it,
because we figured we don't have the mandate to do the push, but we suggest
this is done fairly quickly.

* Protect syscache from bloating with negative cache entries
* pg_stat_statements with plans
* "Causal reads" mode for load balancing reads without stale data
* Vertical Clustered Index

This is not a judgement on if we think we *want* the features -- we
actually want all of them. We just don't think they're going to be ready in
time for 10.

 Magnus Hagander

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