Hello Pavel,

The @1 area is partially solved by psql session variables or by pgAdmin
scripting functionality. @2 is partially solved by GUC but without
possibility to set a access rights.

I didn't found any implementation of XA variables [...]

I did: GUCs in PostgreSQL are an implementation of transactional session variables.

As I wrote on the thread, given the "security check" use case, the safe alternative to transactional session variables is to have nested transactions. This seems like a far away prospect for pg, but is a reality for Oracle, DB2 and some others that have untransactional session variables, so at least it is safe in their case, if not elegant.

My "hard" opinion is that providing an unsafe by default feature (i.e. which works as in some particular cases, but may fail silently if the transaction fails), especially for a security related use case which motivates the whole feature addition, is a very bad idea for the product. If a committer likes it anyway, good for you.

Other opinions I expressed on the thread are somehow "softer", i.e. even if I think that there are better (simpler, easier) alternatives, these are only alternatives.


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