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    I think the issue here is that the original case for this is a user
    accidentally getting into an \if and then having no clue what's
    going on. That's similar to what happens when you miss a quote or a
    semicolon. We handle those cases with %R, and I think %R needs to
    support if as well.

    Perhaps there's value to providing more info (active branch, etc),
    but ISTM trying to do that will just confuse the original (%R) case.


After spending a few minutes to familiarize myself with %R, I'm in
agreement with your second statement (adding if-else to %R will just
confuse %R). However, your first statement seems to indicate the
opposite. Can you elaborate?

My point was that we need a way for users to know if they're stuck in an \if block, and right now that's handled with %R (inside transaction, parens, etc). My other point is that adding all the extra info to %R would be folly.

Since the current consensus is to be very verbose about \if, this is obviously a non-issue. Maybe worth adding a 'I' case to %R, but no big deal if that doesn't happen.
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