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> Based on Pavan's comments, I think trying to force this into next week's
> releases would be extremely unwise.  If the bug went undetected this long,
> it can wait for a fix for another three months.

Yes, I think bug existed ever since and went unnoticed. One reason could be
that the race happens only when the new index turns HOT updates into
non-HOT updates. Another reason could be that we don't have checks in place
to catch these kinds of corruption. Having said that, since we have
discovered the bug, at least many 2ndQuadrant customers have expressed
worry and want to know if the fix will be available in 9.6.2 and other
minor releases.  Since the bug can lead to data corruption, the worry is
justified. Until we fix the bug, there will be a constant worry about using

If we can have some kind of band-aid fix to plug in the hole, that might be
enough as well. I tested my first patch (which will need some polishing)
and that works well AFAIK. I was worried about prepared queries and all,
but that seems ok too. RelationGetIndexList() always get called within
ExecInitModifyTable. The fix seems quite unlikely to cause any other side

Another possible band-aid is to throw another relcache invalidation in CIC.
Like adding a dummy index_set_state_flags() within yet another transaction.
Seems ugly, but should fix the problem for now and not cause any impact on
relcache mechanism whatsoever.

That seems better than
> risking new breakage when it's barely 48 hours to the release wrap
> deadline.  We do not have time to recover from any mistakes.

I'm not sure what the project policies are, but can we consider delaying
the release by a week for issues like these? Or do you think it will be
hard to come up with a proper fix for the issue and it will need some
serious refactoring?


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