I'm going through project-by-project offering spelling fixes.
I have read your submission suggestions [1][2] and am choosing to
disregard them.

Could someone please review the changes I have [3] and suggest a
series of commits that this project might like?

It is quite likely that someone will tell me that there are certain
types of changes that you don't want. That's fine, I'm happy to drop
changes. It's possible that I've chosen the wrong spelling correction
or made a mistake in my attempts, while the process of identifying
errant words is somewhat automated, the correction process is a mix of
me and some scripts, and neither of us are perfect.

The patch queue is currently sorted alphabetically, but it contains at least:
* branding corrections -- some of which may be wrong
* regional English -- I understand there's a discussion about this, I
can easily drop them, or you can choose to take them separately
* changelog changes -- I could understand not wanting to change the changelog
* local variable changes
* API changes -- hopefully the changes to functions/enums are within
private space and thus not a problem, but if you consider them to be
public, dropping them isn't a big deal
* changes to tests -- it wouldn't shock me if I messed some of these
up. Again, everything can be split/dropped/fixed if requested (within
limits -- I refuse to submit 100 emails with patches)
* changes to comments, lots of comments

Most changes are just changes to comments, and I'd hope it wouldn't be
terribly hard for them to be accepted.
A complete diff would be roughly 130k. I've recently tried to submit a
similarly sized patch to another project and it was stuck in
moderation (typically mailing lists limit attachments to around 40k).

I do not expect anyone to be able to do anything remotely useful with
such a patch. It is certainly possible for someone else to generate
such a file if they really like reading a diff in that manner.

For reference, I've split my proposal into 172 changes. Each change
should represent a single word/concept which has been misspelled
(possibly in multiple different manners). I understand that people
don't care about diffstats (I certainly don't), but for reference
collectively this encompasses 175 files and 305 lines.

Note that I've intentionally excluded certain files (by removing them
in prior commits), it's possible that changes would be needed to be
made to some of those files in order for tests to pass. If you have an
automated system for running tests (typically Travis or Appveyor), I'm
happy to submit changes to them before offering changes to a list. But
I couldn't find anything of the sort.

[1] https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Submitting_a_Patch
[2] http://petereisentraut.blogspot.ca/2009/09/how-to-submit-patch-by-email.html
[3] https://github.com/jsoref/postgres/compare/ignore...jsoref:spelling?expand=1

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