On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 02:07:02PM -0700, Jason Earl wrote:

> There are some cases where this particular feature would be useful.
> What needs to be done is to make the feature less dangerous to the
> newbie without making it less useful to the person who actually needs
> the functionality.

I'll repeat what I said before (I think to Tom): "That's a pretty big
foot-gun you've got there."  I cannot possibly imagine what sort of
data-recovery situation would warrant running with the option turned
on all the time.  You know you have big-trouble, oh-no, ISP ran over
the tapes while they were busy pitching magnets through your cage,
data corruption problems, and this is your best hope for recovery? 
Great.  Log in, turn on this option, and start working.  But across
every back end?  It's the doomsday device for databases.  Emergency
recovery options are _good_: everyone has his favourite UNIX file
undeletion story.  But it's sure not a good idea to give everyone
root just in case she or he deletes some file.


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