On 2/2/17 12:43 PM, Peter Moser wrote:
> Hereby, we used the following commands to create both patches:
> git diff --no-prefix origin/master -- src/ ':!src/test/*' >
> tpg_primitives_out_v4.patch
> git diff --no-prefix origin/master -- src/test/ >
> tpg_primitives_out_tests_v2.patch
> We have also tested our patches on the current HEAD with the command:
> patch -p0 < patch-file
> Both worked without problems or warnings on our Linux machine.
> Could you please explain, which problems occurred while you tried to
> apply our patches?

Your patches apply OK for me.

In the future, just use git diff without any options or git
format-patch, and put both the code and the tests in one patch.

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